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The Art of Non-Conformity | Chris Guillebeau. You don’t have to live your live the way others expect you to. Set your own rules. Live the life you want. Change the world.

A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes | David Tanis.



You are your child’s first teacher, Rahima Baldwin Dancy. Parenting during the first 7 years, has a Waldorf bent. I own this book and go back to get inspiration and ideas.

Unconditional parenting, Alfie Kohn. Completely blew my mind about unconditional love and parenting.

Heaven on earth, Sharifa Oppenheimer. Parenting during the first 7 years, also has a Waldorf bent.

Simplicity parenting, Kim John Payne. The title says it all.

Our babies ourselves, Meredith Small. An ethnopediatric look at how culture shapes our parenting. Tends to favor attachment parenting style.

The parenting passageway: attachment parenting, gentle discipline, and Waldorf homeschooling.

Simple living

Your money or your life, Vicki Robins. My personal finance bible since college.

Little house on a small planet, Shay Salomon. Housing is often the most expensive part of living in the US; this book provides inspiring alternatives. Website here.

Minimalist living

Mnmlist: Leo Baubata’s blog on minimalism.

Becoming Minimalist: A family of four in the suburbs simplifies life and encourages others to do the same.

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One Comment

  • Tonya Ohnstad

    Thanks for the reading list! I always love to hear your recent finds and I am sure many others will appreciate it too!!!

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